We work with clients to create complete financial plans and act as “quarterback” for your financial life

We act as lead on our specialties: investments and retirement income planning, life insurance, and long-term care insurance. We partner with tax and estate specialists to bring it all together for you. In the end: simplicity and peace of mind.

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Business Succession Plans

If you have a sole proprietorship, business partnership or an LLC with multiple members, you need a succession plan with insurance protection.

Key person insurance and buy-sell agreements provide for business continuity. It protects the owners, the business, and the families involved. These policies are owned by the business, which pays the premiums. If the insured dies, the business receives the death benefit, which provides funds and breathing room for the remain owner(s) and families to adjust and perhaps hire others to allow the business to continue.

Buy-sell agreements should be considered an absolute requirement for a business owned by more than one person. Cross-purchase agreements are when the owners purchase policies on each other. An entity purchase plan differs in that the business itself owns the policies. These agreements are designed to purchase the shares of the deceased and keep the business in the hands of the remaining company owners.

PivotPoint specializes in designing these plans, using a variety of A-rated and higher insurance carriers.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Anyone over 50 who isn’t independently wealthy should strongly consider long-term care (LTC) insurance. It’s that simple.

LTC provides funds for when we need help with basic living–either in home or in a facility. Modern medicine keeps us alive much longer than previous generations. This fact has made life insurance for the middle-aged a bit less important overall..and at the same time has made LTC much more important.

Typical annual costs for care in a facility are $90,000 to $130,000. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College shows that 58% of women 65 and older will need nursing home care at some point–not necessarily only at end of life. The average stay for women is 16 months. For men, the likelihood is 44% and the average stay is 10 months.

Long-term care costs have ruined finances and retirements. If you’re north of 50, start considering LTC while it’s still affordable. After you become ill, LTC coverage is typically prohibitively expensive…if it’s even possible to obtain.

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Personal/Family Life Insurance & Annuities

Medical science is helping us live longer and healthier, but the unexpected can still happen. If the key provider in your family were to have an accident tomorrow, where would that leave the family?

Life insurance has been and still is the answer to that unfortunate situation for most families.

Modern life insurance products are designed with an array of “living benefits” options that makes a policy useful for illness and injury…not just death. Universal life products offer a wide array of options that allow premiums to be lowered in tough times, interest-free loans on the cash value, and upside (but not downside) to be connected to the stock market.

Annuities are best for a more narrow range of individuals, but if it’s a fit for you it provides a great sense of security.

PivotPoint Advisors can advise and help select the right coverage and the best prices by shopping your situation to many household-name carriers we work with.

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Investment Management & Retirement Planning

No two investors are alike, but the same fundamentals apply to everyone. Greater expected returns demand the investor take a bit more risk. The trick is to figure out what returns you need (hint: a trained financial planner is helpful) and then figure out how to obtain those returns with the minimum risk possible.

It’s great that financial advisors now have an array of model portfolios that help match return goals with minimum risk. But be careful of advisors that don’t understand the details and cannot “open the hood” of a portfolio and dig deeper to customize it for you.  This next level of advising requires a firm and advisors that are comfortable with the math of investments and the tools to do individualized analysis. You won’t find that at every firm, but we have it here at PivotPoint.

We create portfolios for clients that provide principal protection, liquidity, and low expenses.  The financial industry continues to evolve with new services and products. Choose a firm and an advisor that embraces the new possibilities while not forgetting the “rules of the road” that shouldn’t be broken.

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